Monday, April 15, 2013

Perspective continued...

So yesterday, I posted about a thread I started on the Epinions messageboard about a recent success I had with the Epinions search engine.  When I decided to post about that, I thought I was being positive.  Sadly, there were a few buzzkills who decided to rain on my very minor parade.  One guy in particular was really being curmudgeonly.  I tried to be joking at first, but then he got shitty and said I didn't have a sense of humor.

The thread was kind of dying down when a moderator stepped in and made an unnecessary intervention post.  Then another guy wrote that my post had prompted him to try out the search engine and he, too, had some success.  And another one came in and basically called out the curmudgeon for being so negative and attacking Epinions, after first noting that perhaps my post was unnecessary or "marginally important".  I politely disagreed and pointed out that at least a couple of posters had tried out the search engine and had success finding stuff because I posted.  There's no way to determine if the search engine is getting any better if no one bothers to test it every once in awhile.

Unfortunately, another poster, who apparently had unfinished business with the guy who pissed on my post, attacked the curmudgeon and pretty much called him out for being a negative asshole with a "bad attitude".  The curmudgeon came back and wrote a really whiny, butthurt post calling the other guy out and claiming he was being "unprofessional". The whole thing went down in flames pretty quickly and the moderator ended up closing the thread, citing that it had gone "off topic".  

I'm sitting here shaking my head, not believing that a subject that had seemed so harmless and positive turned into such a big pissing match.  And... ironically enough, the guy who said I had "no sense of humor" was himself demonstrating a rather underdeveloped sense of humor.  Remind me to stay off the Epinions messageboards.

Given the ridiculousness of the situation, I decided to have a little SingSnap fun this morning...

Apologies to Monty Python.  I figured it was best if I didn't try to affect a fake British accent for this...

On to the other news of the day...

I see there's been some kind of terrorism today in Boston during the Boston Marathon.  A couple of bombs went off, killed a couple of people and injured quite a few others.  This is pretty scary stuff... and it makes me sad, because now there are going to be more security measures and new laws foisted upon us because of this...  You can bet on it.

It's so sad how the level of violence has increased over the past decade and a half or so.  You just never know when you'll be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I pray for the people directly affected by this act.


  1. Thanks Alexis. It seems ironic I would post that yesterday, given what happened.


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