Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peahl Kweem...

Back in the 80s, this ad used to air periodically.  It stars Nancy Kwan.  I didn't know who she was back then and I don't know who she is now.  She is apparently famous for her beauty.  She's been married three times and is now 73 years old, but when this ad was made, she was probably in her 40s.  I remember thinking this ad was pretty cheesy back then and used to make fun of her accent, which apparently doesn't allow her to pronounce her r's.

I don't know if they still make this stuff or if it really worked... or if Nancy Kwan was embarrassed to shill for an obviously fly by night operation.  But I do remember the ad.  I have an annoying talent for remembering terrible ads.

This is a hell of a lot funnier.  It's a parody...  apparently men like Oriental pussies.


  1. My mom remembers it. This inspired me to blogs about speech impediments, although it's an entirely different situation when it's a non-native language issue. If I had to roll my r's for a living, I'd be living in poverty.

  2. Nancy Kwan is from Hong Kong and her mother was British. Her father was Chinese. She was educated in Britain. I don't think this was necessarily a non-native language issue, though she does sort of have a stereotypical Chinese accent when she speaks English.

    I was doing some reading about her last night and it turns out her son, Bernie, was a stuntman who died very young, apparently of AIDS. She co-wrote a book about him that is now out of print and selling on Amazon for very big bucks. I was interested to find out her son did stunts on A Very Brady Sequel.


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