Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jammin' Roger McDuff...

I wasn't planning to blog again today, but decided I just had to post these crazy ass clips of Roger McDuff...

Holy batshit!  I'm not very religious, but I have to admit these clips are oddly entertaining.  Roger's hair alone is enough to make me laugh my substantial ass off.

These are from 30 years ago.

By contrast, Mike Farris is a gospel singer who really jams!

I discovered Mike Farris a few years ago when a Nashville PR firm sent me a couple of his CDs for review.  There's a big difference between Mike Farris and Roger McDuff.


  1. I'd have to agree.There's a big difference between anyone with musical ability and Roger MacDuff.

  2. i forgot to add that though I think she's not a very good singer, and the design of her sets looks like it was done by one of my grandmother's old lady Relief Society cohorts, my mother said God may have spoken to her through Betty Jean one day. She had the television on as background noise while she was cleaning the house. She sometimes had it on TBN because it put her in a good mood because it was funny. Matthy and I were probably four or five months old and were screaming, but she HAD to get the house clean. Betty Jean started singing a song written from a poem to which she had composed a melody. It was about not worrying so much about housekeeping and making children a mother's first priority. She said she put away her cleaning supplies, carried us both to her rocking chair, and ricked us and sang to us until we finally fell asleep. she said she took it one step further and took a nap herself instead of finishing the cleaning. When my dad got home that night, after we went to be, he helped her with the cleaning and it got doen twice as fast with both of them doing it.

    I don't know if God actually spoke to my mom through Betty Jean Robinson that day, but Betty Jean herself, at the very least, got through to my mother.

  3. That's a funny story, Alexis. I agree, Betty Jean can't sing, but it sounds like your mom got one of those rare pearls of wisdom I wrote about in my review of TBN. I actually watched a little TBN yesterday, to include an episode of "Lassie", which apparently is considered a show that promotes morals.

  4. Actually I think Betty Jean is a really good singer. And Roger McDuff, whom you have so much contempt for, died a few days ago.

  5. You sell Roger very short. He was a wonderful singer. He was particularly good when singing with his brothers, John and Coleman. Do agree with you on the hair. He was lovingly known as "Fluff McDuff" in my home. An earlier commenters mentioned his recent death. While I have strayed far from my Fundie roots, there are some that I believed then and now were for real. To me, Roger and his brothers were the real thing. And if there is a heaven, they would seem like the kind of people it was created for.

    1. Well, I hope Roger is in Heaven because despite what some might think, I did find him entertaining. If I hadn't, he would not be in this blog.


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