Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I think I need an RfM sabbatical...

As much as I love the Recovery from Mormonism Web site, there are people that post there that annoy the piss out of me.  One guy in particular comes off as the type of guy who sees himself as the alpha male.  He likes to argue with people, sometimes about ridiculous things, and frequently comes off as a condescending dick.  And no, I'm not writing about the resident jerk, who picks fights with everyone.  I'm writing about another guy.  I've noticed that he's gotten into it with several people and seems to want to prove to everyone that he's #1 and most informed about everything.

If there's one thing that bugs me, it's people who discount other peoples' opinions and experiences.  It's the mark of a person who is insecure, arrogant, and lacks perspective.  I find that we can often learn from other people if we just take the time to listen to what they say.  I'm not impressed by loudmouthed, pushy blowhards who are rude and flippant to other people and have to be right.

In this case, my run in had to do with Peace Corps service.  This guy and I, along with several others on RfM, have been Volunteers.  Someone posted about having just gotten their mission call and not wanting to go.  Another poster suggested the Peace Corps.  Our resident blowhard wrote "Peace Corps requires a degree".  Technically, that's incorrect.  A person can serve as a Volunteer if he or she is over 18 and has experience that would be useful to one of Peace Corps' many projects.  But realistically, yes, you do have to have a college degree and that was true even back in the old days when I was a Volunteer.  It was even true when my sister served in the 1980s.  Then another former Volunteer cited someone he had served with who had dropped out of school in 7th grade and was a successful Volunteer.  Our resident jackass came back and snidely commented about how that was a rarity that didn't apply to 99.9% of the people who serve.

I addressed the original poster, the one who was worried about his mission call, and actually agreed with both posters.  But the blowhard came back, made a snarky comment about how he knew I had been a Volunteer (though I wasn't responding to him) and that things had changed a lot since my day.  And I wonder, since this dickhead doesn't know me personally, how does he know what I know about the Peace Corps?  Could it be possible that I've been following what's going on since I terminated service?  I think so.  To add insult to injury, he left me a patronizing little smilie... :)  What a fuckhead.

Ah well.  It's kind of my problem.  But I notice I'm not the only one who thinks this guy is a jerk.  People like him rarely change, so I won't be directly addressing him.  I just think it's very disrespectful to discount people.  This guy reminds me of Judge Judy, only he lacks her intelligence and charm.      


  1. I read but rarely post because I'm not treated well there. my uncle Scott,scmd, posts and has no problems. His wife was treated rudely there as well, and no longer posts, though she occaionaly reads. i don't know if you remember it, but my mom's best friend (and my uncle Scott' former nanny) is the author of one of the stories that reappears every now and then, which is "The Kotex /head Story"

    1. People on RfM were shitty to me too, when I first started posting. I ended up befriending a few folks as time went by, though. I think once they realize you aren't a clandestine TBM trying to drag them back to church, they kind of simmer down.

      I've seen scmd's posts but didn't know he was your uncle. And yes, I have read the hilarious Kotex head story!

      That guy I wrote about is one of a few posters there who are irritating. RfM has many awesome members, some of whom are quite special people. And it also has a number of resident assholes who go out of their way to belittle people.

  2. 'RfM has many awesome members, some of whom are quite special people. And it also has a number of resident assholes who go out of their way to belittle people.'

    Yup. And the thing that gets me annoyed about that place is that a lot of time when some of the royals there decide to unjustifiably pick on someone the rest would either go completely quiet or actually chime in to tell the jerk how much they admire him/her. Never mind if they would usually gripe about the same sort of jerk-iness when it's done to them by TBM's. They'd turn right around and do the same things to the little guys at rfm and most of the time won't even get called out on it. I rarely drop in there anymore. (I'm not being visited by misshies anymore so Mormonism doesn't really concern me now).

    1. I'm spending less time there, too. Got bigger fish to fry and lots of blogging, traveling, and singing to do!

      I'm also spending less time on Epinions, because there are so many disgruntled people on the messageboards.


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