Monday, April 22, 2013

I had a little fun today...

This actually took a lot of practice and it's still not quite right... but it was fun to sing it.  I figured it was a good song for a Monday.

Met Life Dental sent me a note to let me know the issue with my cleaning was that the provider needed to update his licensure information.  He has evidently done that, so the claim will be processed after all.

And my train tickets from Venice to Florence are squared away, too.  I still don't know why hasn't cleared payment for some stuff I bought, but I suppose they'll get in touch with me if there's a problem.

I learned today that the lotion I've been using has a derivative of pee in it.  I wrote a review of it and in the course of writing the review, made the discovery that one of the chemicals that moisturizes is a form of urea.  Awesome.

I've had a decent Monday, I guess.  The weather is sunny, but chilly.  If it warms up slightly, I might even be arsed to cut the grass this week.

At least my Monday is not as bad as this guy's...

Yes, he was fired.

They gave him his walking papers...

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