Monday, April 8, 2013

Fun with my iMac...

I've had this computer since October 2010 and I'm only just now learning to play with Garage Band and iMovie.  In the last couple of weeks, I've made several videos and recorded two songs.  I will probably never do anything with these new basic skills I have, but it's kind of fun to learn new things... as long as the process isn't too frustrating, that is.

Once again, I wish I had stuck with piano lessons.  I have an electronic keyboard that I could hook up to my Mac and I could accompany myself instead of using karaoke tracks on Garage Band.  Maybe that'll be my next project.  I'll sit down and work on learning piano once and for all.

I'm supposed to go see the dentist this week.  I get to tell her I'm moving.  Truly, I hope this will be the last time for awhile.

I have nothing rantworthy to write about today.  I was so busy playing with my computer that I never got around to watching anything or reading anything that would piss me off to rant.  So maybe music will make me less prolific for awhile.  At least until we move and I can't find all the cords I need for all of this technological wizardry...


  1. I think it;s rude to give unsolicited advice, but [since it's never stopped me before] if you buy any piano method books, check to see if they have finger numbers. Some method books use thise numbers early in the course of learning, when, fingr #1 always plays C, finger #2 always plays D, and so forth. They actually impede people from learning the correct notes. If you still remember a little of the keyboard from your earlier lessons and have a good sense of notation from your vocal training, this won't be a problem for you. If you've forgotten what you've learned, though, black out the finger markings until you get past the point of the five finger position, when your fingers are spanning more than five notes in a given piece of music. At that point, the numbers are helpful.

  2. I know the keyboard. That's no problem. I have three Alfred's basic piano course books and I have some pretty nifty software for learning piano. What I lack is discipline and patience.

    But I think the books I have do have numbering. I was making some progress when we were in Georgia, but then quit practicing because the piano is in the same room with my TV and computer!


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