Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fun with Facebookers!

Yesterday, a new friend of mine threw a German Grillfest.  I met her on Facebook when she found my page about MacGregor.  It turned out she was fostering a dog for the rescue where we got Arran.  And Arran's foster "parents" were also friends of hers, so they were there last night too.  There was good fun and lots of beer, wine, wursts, and beagles.  That's right.  There were seven beagles hanging out at that party yesterday.  Zane and Arran had a blast!

music by Stephen Bennett...

And it was fun to interact with friends in person.  For a few hours, I got off the computer and made actual human connections with people.  I'm kind of sad that we have to leave North Carolina now.

I wish we had a fenced in yard.  I'd love to have some people over here!

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