Sunday, April 21, 2013


Nobody likes to be declined.  It's happened to me three times in three days.

First, my dental insurance provider, the ever crappy Met Life Dental, decided to decline coverage for my recent dental cleaning.  I don't know why.  According to their Web site, I should be allowed to get two routine cleanings and checkups per year.  And yet, I got an EOB that indicated that my charge was denied.  So now I'm going to have to call someone and complain.

Next, I tried to buy train tickets for our trip in Italy.  My PenFed card outright denied the charge.  I have a feeling it's because the charge was in Italy.  I set up an alert to let them know I'm traveling, though, within the next couple of weeks.  PenFed called here last night and spoke to my husband, who assured them that it was a legit attempt.

I tried USAA, which did allow me to make a charge for tickets from Venice to Florence.  But then when I tried to buy tickets from Florence to Rome, I was denied.  USAA sent me a text asking if the first charge was fraud.  I said it wasn't. Then I got an automated phone call asking me if the charge was fraud.  Again, I said it wasn't.  Today, I see the charge has been removed entirely.

Very frustrating...

In other news, check out this leap on Arran!


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