Friday, April 19, 2013

A scary morning...

Not so much for me, but for the people of Boston.  I don't need to go into what's happened, necessarily.  The police killed one of the suspects and the other is on the run.  They are apparently from Chechnya, which is not all that far from Armenia.  That area has been troubled for a long time.  It was in crisis even when I lived in the Caucasus region.

I think it's scary how April has become such a dangerous month.  Why is it that historically, we have more acts of violence in April than at any other time of the year?

Between the Boston Marathon bombing and the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, this has been a terrifying month.  Add in the fact that a friend of mine's son was shot and killed this month and things are looking very grim indeed.  On the other hand, if we were living in the Middle East, maybe today would seem like just another news day.

Peace be with everyone...



  1. The choir peace was lovely. Thanks. I suppose all we can do is try our best to focus on what's beautiful and good and right in the world for the moment.

  2. Yeah... and the fact that they got that guy who was on the run.


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