Sunday, March 17, 2013

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Happy St. Patrick's Day, ya'll...

I've had kind of an interesting weekend.  Yesterday, I found a nostalgia group dedicated to the area in Virginia where I grew up.  I found the group because I was reading about a place called Club Lake Ahoy.  I never visited Club Lake Ahoy myself, but I remember there were ads for them on the local independent television stations.  Those ads were tantalizing... they made that place look like it was so much fun!  According to the postings I read yesterday, the surrounding lake had issues with snakes... water moccasins, to be exact.

Back in the 80s, there were a lot of manmade lakes and such where kids could go swimming.  When I was growing up, we'd go to the sand pools at Fort Eustis.  There were two of them and they had floating docks.  The water was frigid; the restrooms were marginal; and the sand was coarse.  We still loved going there, though.  They closed one of the sand pools a long time ago.  The other one closed a few years ago when a kid drowned.

In the 90s, I worked at a summer camp near Strasburg, Virginia.  Strasburg was a neat place and they had a quarry there, filled with water.  It was called Half Moon Beach.   I never got to visit there because I was always working and the one week we had off, I lit out of there to go to my aunt and uncle's house.  But down where they lived, there were water holes galore... as well as Cave Mountain Lake, which is kind of dirty and gross these days and Goshen Pass, which is an awesome place to swim.  As a matter of fact, I took my husband there in 2001, right before 9/11, and we went swimming.

I'm a big fan of swimming holes, even if they can be habitat for some scary critters.

Moving on to another subject, I just read today's Dear Abby.  Some guy wrote that he and his ex wife have a 24 year old son.  The ex supposedly cheated and now has a 12 year old son with the guy she allegedly cheated with.  Every year, the letter writer visits with his son, who brings his half-brother.  The letter writer doesn't like having the 12 year old half-brother around, because the boy reminds him of the hurt he went through with his ex wife and her infidelity.

I was actually kind of impressed by this guy, who says he doesn't want to be negative about his son's mother, but has these very real  and negative feelings.  People were commenting about what a jerk this guy was for not accepting his ex wife's son as a house guest.  I may be in the minority, but I think the guy has a perfect right not to be expected to host his ex wife's son, just because he's his son's half-brother.  It's too bad he and his wife ever allowed it, because now they are in the difficult position of having to uninvite this young man from their yearly retreat.

A lot of people were commenting that this guy should suck it up and honor the brothers' relationship with each other.  My thought is that the two brothers can socialize at another time.  That weekend is a special time dad has set aside for seeing his son.  There are 51 other weekends in the year that the two brothers can hang out together.  I don't think it's unreasonable for this man to want to spend time alone with his adult son.  And if he's feeling angry and resentful about having to host his ex wife's son, those feelings will eventually come out, possibly in a nasty way.  Besides, at age 12, the young man is old enough to start learning that the world doesn't revolve around his axis.

That being said, I feel sorry for the 12 year old.  It's not his fault his half-brother's father has these negative feelings about him.

Another thing I noticed was there were a lot of people speculating why the wife cheated, claiming that the man must be an asshole.  I couldn't help but think that if the situation were reversed and it was a woman complaining, people wouldn't assume she was an asshole that drove her husband to cheat.  Why do people have to be so sexist?  Assholes come in both genders.


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