Sunday, March 31, 2013

Someone literally shit in my Easter basket...

Okay, I don't actually have an Easter basket.  I outgrew them a long time ago.  But this morning has involved shit and piss coming from our dear Arran.  Last night, he didn't want to come to bed with us, so we stupidly let him sleep in his bed.  He has been pretty good about not peeing in the house, even if he regularly has poop accidents.

I woke up to a gray, rainy, cool morning.  Was feeling pretty good because I didn't drink much yesterday.  Even my hip was feeling better.  Walked into the living room, glanced to the right, and there on the white granite fireplace that we've never used was a big puddle of urine.  I immediately cleaned up what  I could, but of course the urine soaked into the granite and now there's a stain.  It's not as bad as it could be, but it is noticeable.

While fretting over that, I didn't realize that Arran also took a dump on my rug.  I promptly stepped on a turd while barefoot.  Yes, there was swearing.  He had been doing so well earlier and now he seems to have backslid.  I'm getting really frustrated with trying to clean up after Arran.  He's a beautiful, sweet dog, but he is such a handful.


  1. When I saw the video, I was immediately thankful you didn't post a video of yourself stepping into the turd or with it all over you foot. Poor you and poor Arran. He'll get it.

  2. I hope so. He is such a sweet, darling dog and Bill is totally in love with him. I love him, too, but he and Bill seem to be bonding a lot.


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