Sunday, March 24, 2013

Screaming mothers...

Warning.  The above video is full of screaming and profanity.  I am fortunate in that my mother never screamed at me like this.  We had our share of fights over the years, though my mom was always pretty reasonable.  It was my dad and my sisters who were more likely to be like this.  But even they were never quite this hysterical and only my sister used that kind of language.

As I sit here on a peaceful Sunday morning, I am suddenly so grateful my husband and I don't fight.  Even when we do have a disagreement, we don't yell at each other.

Here is another screaming mother who is angry with her daughter, who is apparently a drug addict...  It's more screaming and profanity. I wonder how many people have to live with this kind of screaming?

Here's a mom at WalMart going off publicly on her daughter... and getting screamed at by other people in the store.  Such drama!

And here's a guy yelling at his son for wearing skinny jeans.  Actually, this one made me laugh my ass off, especially when he said "I know your nuts hurt!"

Hope your Sunday is peaceful... 


  1. The Wlmart one bugged me. I wonder how the kid got the injury that necessitated a cast on her wrist. I never heard the mom tell the kid to sit down. If my kid of that age were standing in a cart, I'd immediately lift her out of it. She was plenty old enough not to need to be in the cart. drama or not, i'm glad theother lady gaave her hell and I hope someone did report the lady, because she clearly moved the cart knowing the kid was standing. I wonder how the mother treats the kid at home if that's how she treats her when others were watching.

    My dad physically caught a tiny child as she was falling out of a shopping cart on Thursday in Kmart. (We don't have Walmmart or Target here.) The little girl, maybe two at most, was seated in the place where children are supposed to be seated, but not all carts have straps, and the straps aren't all that secure, anyway. The mom turned her head momentarily to look at merchandise and the kid stood up. My dad caught her as she was falling sideways out of the cart, head first. She did bump her lip on the cart a bit, but that was minor compared to falling on her head on the linoleum-covered cement floor. The mom felt terrible, but she'd only turned away for just a second. She wasn't terribly negligent. Sometimes little kids are just really fast-acting.

  2. The WalMart mom probably is abusive. It didn't take her long to completely melt down.


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