Friday, March 15, 2013

Pat Boone... showing his ass again.

Some time ago, I wrote a post about Pat and Debby Boone.  Both have been on ads a lot recently, especially Debby, who is currently the pitchwoman for Lifestyle Lift.  Pat Boone is in the news this morning because he was on Fox Business News last night and called Barack Obama a Marxist.  Boone has been squawking about Obama ever since the man won the presidency back in 2008.  He's made all sorts of claims about our president, including saying that Obama is ineligible to be president because he was supposedly born in Kenya.

It's funny that this should come up today, since last night I was actually looking at the books Pat Boone published in the 1960s and considering picking up a couple of them second hand.  I like to read books by wingnuts and then review them on  There are quite a few lively folks on there who don't shy away from commentary.

Pat Boone is certainly free to have his own opinions.  I think he's a little nuts, though... and his vendetta against Barack Obama is pointless.  He's not going to leave office.  Even if he does leave office, his replacement won't be anyone Boone prefers.  Wait until the next election.  It's likely that by then, the USA will be ready for a new conservative in office.  I hope like hell it isn't Mitt Romney or someone worse.  I'll keep voting Libertarian anyway, unless there's another candidate who rings my chimes.

Anyhoo... here's Pat Boone.  The person who made this video is obviously anti-Obama.

I like it better when Pat Boone is being a Christian...  ;-)

(He had a normal upbringing... except for all the corporal punishment....)

What a whackaloon.     


  1. Jesus, Fox, have I missed something here? They had to put captions up to explain who Boone was, or is, none of which qualified him to comment on economics. Haha insane. I like the way he was cut short on his Obamunist, Marxist, socialist rant as if, yep let's skip the looney tunes stuff and move onto other looney tunes business. I bet he runs for president one day.

  2. Naw... Pat Boone is in his late 70s. I doubt he'll try to run. If he did, though, Alexis and I would have a giggling fit. We're both oddly interested in Pat Boone and his crazy ass family.


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