Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My hip is killing me.

I guess being old and fat is catching up to me.  My right hip is really kind of bugging me.  It's a dull ache that sort of radiates to my lower back.

I've been pretty active today.  This morning I made my first film on iMovie and it took forever to upload.  I decided to use my time wisely and went out and mowed half the lawn.  I would have finished, but the first lawn mowing of the season always involves cleaning up debris from the fall.  I never rake and our yard is surrounded by deciduous trees, so the mower picked up lots of dried leaves and such.  I had to dump the bag four or five times.

Tomorrow, I guess I'll finish and that little chore will be done for the next couple of weeks or so.  The dogs have been walking, too... though Arran is still having trouble with the concept of pooping outside.

I spent the rest of the day indulging my new old hobby, karaoke.  I feel kind of silly doing it, but it's a fun release and it forces me to stand up, which burns calories.  So does singing correctly.  One song was about 95% great, but I couldn't quite get it right.  I recorded it over and over again and at one point, my mic reverted back to the built in mic, which sucks.  I fixed that and it was back to being good again.

But all the physical activity today has made my hip hurt.  I probably should see a doctor, but I can't be bothered.  Next house must have a smaller yard that is fenced in, so the canine kiddies can poop outside more easily!

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