Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I learned in a dream how much I love my husband...

This morning, I had a very strange dream.  I dreamt that my husband and I got divorced for some reason and I married this other guy that I knew and, didn't particularly like, in college.  We seemed to get along okay in my dream.  Indeed, in my dream, I was under the impression that we had known each other in high school.  But we weren't from the same town...

Anyway, while I don't remember exactly why we were married, I do remember thinking wistfully about my husband and wishing I was with him.  We had more in common and though my husband is older, I was a lot more attracted to him, physically.  In my dream, I kept wondering why I had divorced him and married this other guy, who just plain didn't measure up in my eyes the way my husband does. I think we were married for business reasons.  It sure felt like it.

I woke up surrounded by dogs and thinking how very lucky I am to actually love my husband.  On another note, sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Arran came to bed.  I woke up to him licking my face enthusiastically.

Today has gotten off to a nice start, in contrast to yesterday.

On the other hand, I got a really cute beaded dress yesterday for our upcoming cruise.  Let's just say I need to drop some weight.


  1. What a sweet dream?What color is the dress?

  2. Black and silver... I can get it on, but not comfortably. :(


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