Thursday, March 28, 2013

Four day weekend!

My husband gets a four day weekend that starts tomorrow.  Wish we had known about this ahead of time.  Maybe we would have planned a short getaway somewhere.  I could use a change of scenery.

My hip still hurts today, though maybe not as much as it did last night.  I don't really feel like finishing the lawn, though.  It's cold, windy, and the neighbor's chickens have invaded the yard.  Also, the farmer who has the field across from our house decided to fertilize, so the air smells to high heaven of manure.

I look around the house and it could probably use some cleaning.  I wish I could be bothered.  Actually, I'm feeling a little depressed today, though.  I think the yucky weather and prospect of moving again is getting to me.  I'm sure we will enjoy San Antonio, but the thought of moving again is kind of exhausting.  On the bright side, it's likely that in Texas, the yard won't be regularly invaded by chickens.

I have taken to sending my husband a love song of the day, which he seems to enjoy...  Wish I had more exciting things to write about.  Maybe I need to go back on YouTube and start looking for more weird videos.

ETA...  I just took the dogs out and lo and behold, a bunch of chickens were in the bushes in front of our house.  Arran got ahold of one and might have killed it.  I got him to let go of the hen and she ran into the woods.  I imagine she was hurt, though.


  1. The hip thing worries me a bit. If it goes on much longer, maybe you should have it checked. I won't offer any opinions because: A)I know absolutely nothing about it; B) my dad gets apopleptic when I give out medical advice on the Internet in light of the fact that I know absolutely nothing about that of which I speak or write.

  2. LOL... well, it feels like a cramp or something. Like it cramped up and got really sore.

    I hate dealing with doctors. Especially military doctors...

  3. I only know one military doctor, but I don't particularly like him.

  4. I had a really bad experience with one back when I was 22 years old. It was my first OB-GYN appointment and by the time this woman was done with me, I felt like I had been completely violated. Ever since then, doctors of most stripes have given me the willies. I get white coat hypertension just walking into a military treatment facility.

    Actually, we live so far away from the post that I would go to a civilian doctor... but I just don't like going unless I'm about to die.

  5. What a day you're having! Hope your hip feels better soon so that you & Mr Knotty are in for a good long weekend. :o) Have you tried the foam roller by any chance? My lupus loves to eat at my lower back & hip, especially after long hilly bike rides. A few minutes rolling on the foam roller does wonder for it, but it also hurts like hell in the process. :oP

  6. I haven't, but I do get Bill to use his foot to iron out some of the kinks.


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