Friday, March 15, 2013

Chicken Invasion!!!

This morning, I was pondering mowing the lawn.  But then my beagles started freaking out and I knew our yard had been invaded yet again by the neighbor's chickens.  Our neighbor lets his birds wander all over his yard and they often end up wandering into my yard, too.  I guess I don't mind, except that it makes my dogs go nuts.  On the other hand, being invaded by chickens also makes it unnecessary for me to mow the lawn.  Wouldn't want to hit one of those birds and make their feathers explode, would I?

Here are some hens that wandered over...

And some other kind of bird... could be chickens, could be geese?

Big daddy rooster!

Amid all this frantic scratching and hunting, another rooster is cock-a-doodle doo-ing in the background.  The above photos were taken this morning in North Carolina...

When we lived in Georgia, we were invaded by all kinds of critters.  There was a family of deer who lived in our woods...  These six photos were taken in Georgia.

We used to call this deer "Mama" because she was practically tame and seemed to be in charge.

Here's a yucky rat snake.  Actually, I don't mind these snakes because they eat vermin.

Mama deer in the summer.

One time, we were visited by an armadillo.  I took a video.  I guess when we get to Texas, we'll be seeing these critters again.

One of Mama deer's babies...

We like living in wooded areas, even though they're usually crawling with ticks.  From what I've seen so far, when we get to San Antonio, we'll be city slickers again... or at least suburban slickers.  We probably won't be invaded by wildlife...  maybe neighborhood kids?

Sometimes we see coyotes here in North Carolina, but the only time I've seen deer is very early in the morning.  There's a little pond behind our house and in the early mornings and evenings, I see wild ducks out there.  I'm going to miss this...  I like it out in the country.

If you click on the tag "armadillo", you can see the video I shot on the day I saw the above armadillo.  It's kind of cool.  Looks like a birthing scene!


  1. Isn't it the Uniarolina whose mascot is The Gamecock? Is that essentiallly one of those fighting roosters? do both Caolinas have lots of chickens?

  2. Iniversity of South Carolina -- My keyboard is jamming up a bit.

  3. Yes... the University of South Carolina's mascot is the Gamecock... and I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina, so I guess I am a Gamecock too. I was a Lancer first, though.

  4. As to the number of chickens in these parts, I think it depends on who your neighbors are. My neighbor is a retired farmer.


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