Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beagle language...

Right now, I'm having a hell of a time teaching Arran to communicate with me, especially when he needs to take a dump.  This morning, he pooped in my office in about two seconds.  He managed to do this just before I was about to take him out for his morning constitutionals.  If I had been a minute faster, he would have made it outside.

Zane, on the other hand, has taken cues from his late beagle brother, MacGregor.  This morning, he only ate about half of his food.  I knew he still wanted it, because when I came into the kitchen and saw it there, he jumped off the couch and stood over the bowl of food looking as menacing as a fussy metrosexual beagle can look.  I put his leftover food on a counter so Arran wouldn't steal it.

MacGregor was the master at communicating with us.  When he wanted something, he would come over and put his paws on one of us.  I would go through the list of possibilities.  When I got it right, he'd get all excited.  Of the five beagles we've had, MacGregor was definitely the smartest, though none of them have been dumb.

A little while later, I asked the dogs if they wanted to go outside.  They both responded in a way that said they were ready for another potty break.  I took them outside.  Zane took a dump and initiated a play session with a stray pinecone.  He likes to pick up branches and pinecones, which he carries or chases.  It's very cute.

I brought them back inside and Zane went straight to the kitchen and looked up at his bowl expectantly.  I put it down and he finished his breakfast.

It's always fun when you make a connection with your dogs.  Sometimes it's easier to "talk" to them than people!

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