Friday, March 22, 2013

A very quick post...

I don't generally make a habit of reading Mormon blogs, but someone linked to this on RfM today...

Read it and weep.  There are only four posts so far, but I think I've seen enough...

The post about her work for CPS was a bit alarming to me.  I'm halfway tempted to forward the link to her place of employment (which she stupidly identifies) and explain to them that I don't think it's appropriate for CPS workers to refer to their clients as "idiot druggies" and to write of wanting to chop off penises.  You may rightfully think that in your head about some of the people you come into contact with, but it's not good practice as a social worker to post those thoughts on a public blog.  She comes a little close to violating confidentiality, too.

Anyone who says they love working for CPS has either got serious control issues or is in serious denial.  It's thankless, necessary work, but it's not work that most normal people are overjoyed by.

I wonder if she has a degree in social work or is just doing child welfare work...  Either way, she seems very immature and lacking in judgment.


  1. Excerpts from the blog in question:

    "While on my Mormon mission in Vladivostok, Russia. I decided that I wanted to become a social worker when I returned to normal life. My decision to be a social worker has brought me almost as much joy as my mission. This is a post about my job and why I love what I do.

    "I'm obsessed with my job. My job is my boyfriend. Actually, no boyfriend will ever get this much of my attention. I've never felt existential fulfillment before but I do every day I go to work. It truly is a wonderful thing to enjoy going to bed and waking up. I've had plenty of jobs where I dreaded waking up the next day and I think that might be one of the saddest feelings in the world. If you experience this, I encourage you to peruse what makes you happy…even if it means a lot of college debt and taking/failing a lot of stupid crappy stats classes.
    / Once can
    "I love my job because it’s centered around hope, change & second chances. It might seem depressing to be working with abused children but it's not. It's the opposite. My job is primarily about protecting children and helping parents become better through recovery. When I returned from my mission, I decided to be a mentor to sexually abused kids through the Children's Justice Center. During that training, I listened to a lot of horrible details of sex abuse and felt pretty depressed about the world we live in. But my perspective soon changed as I realized, 'I'm a part of the recovery process. I'm a part of their healing'.}sic} I realized that that is a beautiful thing to be a part of. "

    I'm not putting CPS workers down as someone has to do the job, but how can a sane person not be depressed by it? one can learn to compartmentalize, to separate his or her job from the rest of one's life, and one can take pride in doing an ugly job that needs to be done, but to say that she LOVE the job? I have to question all sort of aspects of her own mental health.

    When she referred to taking and FAILING a lot of "stupid crappy stats classes," I started to wonder about her intelligence as well. Not everyone takes to math easily, but stats classes are not THAT hard. I wonder just how many of them she failed. If she had too much difficulty understading the basics of statistics, I wonder how much difficulty she has applying statistics as she comes across them, and I wonder about a whole lot ab9out her. Unless she's using a totally faux identity, compete with fake pictures, and even if she is, I can't imagine her employer being pleased with her airing of her true and rather aberrant opinions.

  2. My guess is that her employer doesn't know. The blog was started Monday, apparently. As for the stats classes, they were somewhat hard for me. I struggled through one as an undergrad, then took five more in grad school. Math is hard for me. But I managed to pass all the classes I took.

    What concerns me is this woman's lack of common sense and discretion. And the fact that she seems very immature and lacks empathy.

  3. Hiya Knotty,

    I used to read a few Mormon blogs (mostly the active missionary ones), mostly for research purpose... in case I run into more Mormon misshies. They are pretty much uniformly wacky, though. Some more than others. This gal's sure is one of the creepier ones. XoP

  4. Hey there Smorg! Nice to "see" you!

    I think the term "Mormon feminist" is an oxymoron.


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