Thursday, March 14, 2013

A scuffle between beagles...

Zane and Arran have been getting along pretty well in the two months we've had Arran.  They've had their differences, mainly over food.  They mostly get along, though, and love to play together.  Zane is starting to get his boyish figure back and Arran is starting to learn not to dump in the house... even though he did let a single turd escape in bed last night (it was quickly and easily cleaned up, thank God).

Yesterday around lunch time, they got into it over a morsel of food that fell on the floor.  Arran ended up biting Zane on the left foreleg.  Dog bites can be tricky because they're puncture wounds that can turn into abscesses.  I noticed after a few hours, the bite was starting to swell and it was painful to the touch.  I got my husband to take Zane to the emergency vet, where he got a shot of Convenia, a cephalosporin antibiotic that lasts for up to two weeks and stays in the body for about two months.

Naturally, I researched the drug when my husband got home and there were all sorts of horror stories about pets-- mostly cats-- getting sick or suddenly dying after using it.  Under the circumstances, I got kind of worried, but I have to admit, this morning Zane is his usual perky self and his wound is a lot less swollen and seems less painful.  He's looking fine so far and hopefully nothing bad will crop up.  

They have appointments with our regular vet on Saturday.  Arran gets his bordetella shot and Zane gets some shot that he had an allergic reaction to last year... and ended up in the same emergency vet last year because of.  We'll get him a different shot so he doesn't get hives again.

I think I take better care of my dogs than I do myself.  

See?  Best buddies!

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