Monday, September 24, 2012

Four lovely nights at the beach...

My husband and I just came back from a short trip to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We had a great time, though it was marred by a phone call from our property manager, who said our landlord wants to have his house appraised.  I got kind of nervous about that, especially since the word "lawyers" was also mentioned.  It made me think we'd have to move again next year.  As it turns out, the landlord is just getting refinanced.  We didn't learn that until Saturday, though, so we spent a couple of days wondering what was up.

Despite all of that, we really had fun at the beach.  We have taken a lot of trips together, but this was the first one specifically to go to the beach.  I grew up an hour from Virginia Beach, Virginia, so I love the smell of salt air and the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls.  My husband grew up much further inland, so he likes the mountains.  I like the mountains too...  maybe we should move to the Pacific coast.

The water in North Myrtle Beach was actually beautiful... it was a deep green and I could see lots of fish, swimming and jumping.  The temperature was perfect, unlike it was at Old Orchard Beach in Maine last year.  It was almost like bath water and easy to get used to.  The beach was not quite as awesome as it was in Barbados, but it was somewhat close.  And best of all, I didn't get a sunburn!

So today, the appraiser comes over and hopefully, that'll be the end of it.  I really need to cut the grass and clean the house.  Maybe after I've had a couple of cups of coffee...

I'm already missing this...

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