Monday, September 17, 2012


This morning, I was writing a post for my other blog, Dungeon Of The Past, when I remembered a word a friend of mine coined.  If you read that other post, you'll know that today has gotten off to a crappy start... literally!  I spent a horrible night trying to process last night's high fat dinner and dealt with heartburn, indigestion, and lots and lots of morning dumpage.  And then, when I went to brush my teeth, I started dry heaving.  I'm feeling somewhat better now, but this has not been the greatest morning.

So I posted a link to the Carpenters' hit song, "Rainy Days and Mondays", because today seems to be one of 'dem days...  And as I listened to the very sad-sack lyrics of that favorite song of mine, I was reminded of a guy I knew in college named Brent.  I have already written the story of what happened with Brent on my other blog... but the end result of knowing Brent is that there's a special word in my vocabulary dedicated in his honor.

You see, Brent had a habit of being very self-pitying.  He was always moaning and groaning about something.  So my best college friend came up with the term "Brently" to describe people who are overly self-pitying.  Twenty years later, I still occasionally use that word.  This morning, as I dealt with the ramifications of eating short ribs last night, I was feeling a bit "Brently".  Now that I've had some toast and coffee and a couple of laughs watching Dina Lohan on Dr. Phil, I'm feeling somewhat less Brently.

Hey... at least I'm not a member of the Lohan family...

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