Sunday, August 19, 2012

She's baaaaack....

Last year, I blogged about Melanie Paxson, aka Melanie Deanne Moore, aka "The Commercial Queen", an actress who seems to specialize in making commercials.  Last year, she was on an irritating Yoplait commercial, pitched State Farm and Progressive Insurance, and Ace Hardware.  I've also seen her hawking Milo's Kitchen dog treats...

And now she's on a Target commercial, showing off her singing chops...

Oddly enough, when I watch this ad, I can barely understand what Melanie is singing about.  If I were a mom about to enroll my kid in school, I wouldn't know what Melanie suggests.  It seems like she's not on quite so many ads this year, but the Target ad is run pretty frequently, complete with Melanie's rework of the Go Go's 1980s era hit "We Got The Beat".

Incidentally, have you noticed that a lot of ads these days feature hit songs from the 80s?  I guess it's because those of us who were kids in the 1980s are now approaching middle age and have kids, jobs, and shit...  In my case, all I have is "and shit", but it seems to work for me.

Seriously, according to, Melanie and I were born the same year.  I'm glad to see that she's made a go of it as a commercial actress.  There's no shame in making a living.

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