Sunday, August 12, 2012

I hate the Oikos ads...

Earlier today, my husband and I were watching a rerun of The Golden Girls and there was a commercial break.  We happened to catch the latest commercial for Dannon's Oikos, which is their version of Greek yogurt.  This ad campaign has been featuring John Stamos, who is supposedly God's gift to women.

So this is the ad we saw this morning...  Notice these two women are eating Oikos yogurt.  The blonde tells the woman in the tank top that eating Oikos will make their husbands look like John Stamos.  Just before they take a bite, we catch a glance at their hapless spouses, two hefty guys who make an ill advised fashion statement by wearing Speedos and shorts with a Hawaiian shirt.  What the hell is the point of this ad?  That a woman who eats Oikos is going to find her husband more attractive?  Seriously?  What a dumb concept.  And imagine the furor that would erupt if the concept were reversed and showed two husbands eating Oikos to make their wives look like Melina Kanakaredes.

This one is the least offensive of the three Oikos ads I've seen...

I already didn't like this Oikos ad, which depicts some woman headbutting John Stamos for teasing her with yogurt.  Again, if the roles were reversed and John headbutted the woman, there would be outrage aplenty!

Truly... it's time to turn off the TV, but I'll never do it.


  1. Yeah, I hate it when the blond pops her head up taking the 2nd bite, ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING!!! But I laugh cause the ugly men make him disappear and they freak out. lol! That's the only part of the commercial I liked.

  2. I guess I'm kind of sensitive to that ad because I hate the disrespectful way it portrays men.

  3. he was hot like 30 yrs ago, he wears too much makeup, and i hate the new one with his g/f who looks young enough to be his daughter breaking up with him, and his sister who looks like another daughter, give it up john


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