Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August at last!

I'm always happy to see the dawning of a new month.  It's not just because each new month brings pay day, either.  The older I get, the less I enjoy summer.  It's been unbearably hot where I live; the ticks have been vicious; and I have to cut the grass in our big yard.  When August arrives, that means there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  Next month is September and that means the heat will start to abate; the ticks will be less of a nuisance; and the lawn mowing will finally cease.  

It doesn't seem like this summer is quite as bad as last summer was.  I remember sweltering outside as I pushed the lawnmower around on our sandy yard.  Or maybe last year I cared more about keeping the lawn cut.  This year, it doesn't seem to matter as much.  It could also be that we've had a couple more road trips, which breaks things up nicely.

Sheesh... anyway, enough about the weather.

My dog, MacGregor, is getting older and has been having accidents in the house.  Actually, he generally has just has one every couple of days or so, always in the same place.  For awhile, I thought maybe it was our other dog, Zane, peeing in the hallway.  But then my husband caught MacGregor sneaking off.  And this all had to happen in July, which is the month in which we found out our two former dogs, who have since gone to the Rainbow Bridge, were sick.

I took MacGregor to the vet, where he got checked out.  Found out he's gained a few pounds, which doesn't surprise me, because he has arthritis and doesn't want to move as much as he used to.  Had his urine tested and the results were mostly normal, except for a trace of blood.  So now that's being sent off to a lab for a closer look.

The vet thinks maybe MacGregor's developing kidney issues, but he didn't mind being palpated.  Hopefully, if he's getting sick, we can do something for him.  Our last two dogs both ended up with rare illnesses that were pretty much untreatable.  One had a mycobacterial infection that was exceedingly rare in dogs.  The other had prostate cancer.

I don't think MacGregor's dying yet, but I do think he's getting to that age at which issues are going to crop up.  For now, we need to work on slimming him down.  I could use some slimming down myself, so that's not such a bad thing.  Gotta let Zane the personal trainer beagle get us outside more...  And hopefully, the weather will start to cooperate by not being so damn hot!



I love these guys.  

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