Friday, August 10, 2012

Abusive pig on Dr. Phil this morning...

Yeah, I know it's time to turn off the TV.  I didn't this morning, though.  I was sort of halfway watching an old episode of Dr. Phil on OWN and out comes this couple.  I don't remember the woman's name, but I think her husband's name was Rick.  It really should have been Dick.  Because this guy was an enormous dick if I've ever seen one.

So Rick and his wife had been married for some time and had kids together.  They are both obese.  Rick weighs about 270 pounds, sixty pounds more than he did on his wedding day.  The wife has also put on a significant amount of weight, though she is actually less obese than her husband is.

Rick is disgusted by his wife for being fat.  He calls her a fat whore and refuses to have sex with her.  He won't even let her touch him.  He points out other women to his kids and asks them if they'd like the other woman to be their "new mommy".  Rick doesn't share finances with his wife.  He expects her to do all the housework and shopping.  His wife resorts to raising money by selling stuff on eBay.

I'm looking at Rick's wife, who, despite being heavy is quite pretty.  I look at Rick, who might be attractive if he didn't have such an unappealing personality.  I am shocked and dismayed at the way he talks to and about his wife while she sits next to him on Dr. Phil's couch.  As I watch him talking on the boob tube, I find myself yelling at the screen and calling him a "fucking creep".  I have a visceral reaction to blatantly abusive people... I sort of become abusive myself, even though I'm in the privacy of my own home.

Rick puts pictures of attractive women on his exercise machine, which he uses as motivation to work out so he can slim down and find someone more in keeping with his "standards".  All I can think of is how some poor, unsuspecting woman might hook up with this guy, who tells his wife to have sex outside of the marriage if she needs intimacy.

I wonder why they don't get a divorce.  It turns out Rick fears having to pay child support and doesn't think his wife would raise the kids properly.  Having been married to a divorced guy myself who has lost contact with his kids, I can sort of see Rick's point... except for the fact that he's so abusive.

It makes me sad for his wife and their kids... and anyone else who runs into this asshole.  No one should have to spend their lives married to someone who demoralizes them all the time.  It's no wonder Rick's wife comforts herself with food.  Sounds like there's not much else pleasant about her life.

I hope she got a divorce.


  1. I saw that episode, too, and had a reaction similar to yours. My brother came into my room to find out what I was yelling about when he heard me shouting at the TV. The woman is pretty and deserves way better than that pond scum Rick/Dick.

  2. I know! I could not believe that guy's nerve. I don't always agree with Dr. Phil, but I did that time... I wish he'd been harder on him. It makes me wonder how people like Rick can ever find people who will be with them.


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