Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Those naughty Brits...

Yesterday, I ran across a short article about how folks in London are preparing for the upcoming Summer Olympics.  Apparently, some Brits are having some laughs at American expense.  Some entrepreneur came up with a tote bag that reads "I'm renting my flat to a fat American family."  

Far be it for me to disagree that there are a lot of fat people in the United States.  However, there are quite a lot of fat people in England, too.  In fact, on our latest trip to Germany back in May, I noticed there was no shortage of fat people on the European continent.  And certainly not all of those folks were American tourists.

But since the obesity epidemic is at its most acute here in America, I guess we've earned the distinction of being fatasses.  And for that, people from other countries think it's okay to make fun of us.  I can have a sense of humor about such things until people start complaining about political correctness.  You see, I believe that turnabout is fair play.  So if you make fun of Americans, you should expect Americans to make fun of you.  And there should be no complaints about prejudice, racism, or even rudeness.  In fact, I ranted about this topic once before.  My views haven't changed.

In all seriousness, I don't think the proposed tote bags are funny.  I doubt I'd think they were funny even if I were a skinny Brit.  Indeed, I'm surprised that no one came up with anything wittier.  Brits are stereotypically quick with a quip.  But this just isn't funny.  What's funny about renting your flat to a fat American family?  Would it be just as funny if I claimed I was renting a flat from a toothless British family?  I don't think so.

Would the Brits prefer it if the Yanks stayed home and their hotels stayed empty?  Actually, it wouldn't surprise me if that was their preference.  But then we Yanks would have to listen to complaints about how we don't embrace or understand cultures other than our own.  It's hard to learn about different people if you never leave your own country.  

I could give a shit about the Olympics anyway.  I might tune in for some women's gymnastics, but I generally don't enjoy sports that much.  That's probably because I'm such a fat American who has no talent for sports.  It's a curse.  But at least I have nice teeth.  


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