Sunday, July 15, 2012

Out of town again...

Hubby has another business trip.  I get to go with him again.  We're going back to the area where I grew up and, I imagine, will visit my parents.  I have a big bag of tomatoes for them.  I'm hoping they'll either eat them or pass them out to all the people who work for them.

I also have a photo to replace the one that got damaged last time we were there.  I had printed a photo to put in a picture frame and somehow the photo got scratched.  My husband's image ended up with a big white squiggle on it.  So naturally, my mom wants a new picture to show off to her friends.

I was one of the unlucky folks who was affected by the Yahoo! hackers...  Most annoying!  Spent most of yesterday morning changing passwords.  Hackers are some of the most irritating troublemakers.

Anyhoo, I probably won't blog much this week, not that I often have that much of substance to write about anyway.  Have a nice week!

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