Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday morning already!

It's amazing how fast a couple of weeks can fly by.  A week ago right now, I was on an airplane headed for Washington, DC, sitting in a first class seat next to some guy whose fly was down.  Two weeks ago, I was waking up in Cologne, Germany, trying to figure out what was going to come next on our whirlwind trip to Europe.  Today, I'm sitting at my desk, drinking chocolate milk, and watching Dr. Phil again.

The cool thing about this, though, is that we have some things we're looking forward to.  Okay, I'm not really looking forward to June 20th this year, because that's my 40th birthday and I'm slated to spend it in the town where I was born.  My husband has Army business in Hampton, Virginia and because it's my birthday and my parents live in Hampton, I'm tagging along.  I usually like birthdays, but there's something inherently shitty about turning 40, especially when you're an overeducated housewife!

Also, I don't really want to see my parents that badly.  I know that sounds rotten, but we've never been particularly close.  I'm their fourth kid and was apparently an unpleasant surprise.  My dad has dementia and the last time we saw each other, he barely acknowledged me except to tell me I'd gained weight since he last saw me (and my silent response was that he'd lost brain cells since I last saw him).  He would only talk to my mom and my husband and kept calling me by my older sister's name.

My dad and I have always had a very complicated relationship.  He's an alcoholic and I had to deal with the brunt of his alcoholism because when I was growing up, he worked out of our home.  The stress of owning his own business led him to drink even more than he did before he left the military.  As a strong-willed and opinionated teenager growing up in that environment, I clashed with my dad a lot.  I don't want to say I don't love my dad, but I could say I don't really like him much.  He's never really appreciated me for who I am.  And when I did show talents and aptitudes for things he approved of, he competed with and criticized me instead of offering me encouragement.

But, once we get past my birthday in a couple of weeks, we'll have November to look forward to.  In November, we're going to spend a couple of weeks in Scotland... I still have to finish paying for the cruise we're taking, but I'm actually kind of looking forward to that.  Once we've paid for it, I can start planning in earnest the things we're going to do on either side of the cruise.  And then after that, I can start planning 2013's cruise from Rome to Athens.  Yes, when you're overeducated housewife with no kids and no real job, sometimes you can travel.  Especially when your spouse is well paid and in no danger of being laid off.  Wish we could have that kind of security forever, but retirement looms in the next couple of years.

What's really funny about the past couple of weeks is that my husband, who once was very skeptical about Space A travel, is now thinking of ways to use it to save us money on our travels.  We have already bought tickets to Scotland, but I imagine we could end up using Space A to get to Italy next year.  Hell, all we'd really have to do is get to Germany and find a cheap flight or train ticket south.

So I guess I don't mind too much that time is marching on.  I'd rather not be turning 40, but I guess it's better than the alternative.  And if I don't have kids or a stunning career, at least I have a loving husband, two cute beagles, and the chance to travel...    

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