Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheesy 80s made for TV movie...

I figure that instead of ranting today, I'd post about a funny movie I saw on YouTube last night.  The 1980s was a strange time for television.  Back then, it wasn't uncommon for one of the three big networks to make movies of the week.  Sometimes those movies were somewhat fluffy and ridiculous... dripping with Velveeta cheese.

In 1981, I was nine years old and very much a television fan.  At some point in 1981, a movie called Twirl was the movie of the week.  It was about two friends competing to become "Miss Twirl" in a contest that seemed to be a mix of Miss America and a baton twirling competition.  I don't remember the last time I saw someone twirl a baton... it might have been in high school.  I don't know how popular the activity is today.  And in fact, when I watched this film last night, I had to admit, baton twirling looked physically challenging.  I still find it amazing that someone decided to make a made for TV movie about baton twirling, even if it was the early 80s!

Twirl boasts a cornucopia of 80s era TV stars... Lisa Whelchel, Erin Moran, Missy Gold, and a young and nubile Heather Locklear, who doesn't seem to be wearing a bra in a couple of scenes.  More amazing is the fact that Donna McKechnie was in it... a well known Broadway performer.  Of course, McKechnie also appeared on a couple of episodes of the old 80s show, Fame.  

Anyway, just to prove there really is a movie about baton twirling, I give you Twirl.  

This is too cheesy for words.  I can't believe I watched the whole thing!

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