Friday, April 27, 2012

I could really go for some Greek food...

When my husband and I lived in Germany, we frequented a little hole in the wall Greek restaurant near our home.  A lot of times, we'd go there on a Friday night and dine on gyros.  Every once in awhile, I'd have salmon or some other fish dish.  My husband would have some souvlaki.  We'd enjoy some pommes frites, t'zatziki, hot pickled peppers and ouzo and the company of the proprietor, a man we called "The Mad Scientist".

Sadly, we have not found a comparable place where we are now.  We have found good enough restaurants, but no charming "holes in the wall", with local ambience and a charming Greek host.  I've been dealing with crazy food cravings all day... from the Ragtime sandwich from Macado's, which I used to enjoy as a college student two decades ago, to sumptuous Greek food lovingly prepared by our favorite Mad Scientist.

But... since my husband has declared himself in need of a diet and, let's just say I've been needing a diet for years, I'm guessing tonight's repast will be simple and boring.


I really miss dishes like this one...


  1. We have a few Greek restos around here, but I have no idea if their food is authentic or not. I would have loved this plate (in the foto) to refuel after my bike ride this morning, tho! :D

  2. Yeah... I really developed an affection for gyros when we lived abroad. We're planning to take a Space A trip soon. With any luck, we'll end up in Europe and I can get a gyros fix!


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