Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another narcissist bites the dust, part II

Back in May, I wrote about the very public disgrace of a man my husband my husband used to work for.  This man was fired from his post in Iraq six weeks before he was due to come home and be promoted to general.  A lot has transpired since that public spectacle... The man, now a retired Army colonel, has relocated and apparently found a job in his new state, even though back in November, The Army Times ran an extremely damning expose about him and his toxic brand of leadership.

My husband and I found out about the article when we were on our cruise in November.  A friend sent it to us on Facebook and I remember reading it while sitting in the ship's beautiful salon, sipping a glass of chilled champagne.  The article went into great detail about this man's abuses of his brigade in Iraq.  Particularly interesting was a section about the way the colonel treated women and the very disparaging remarks he made about them, particularly the ones who were forced to serve with him.

Anyway, things sort of blew over for awhile after that article ran.  But yesterday, I was feeling bored, so I started doing some random Googling.  And... wouldn't you know it?  I found my husband's old nemesis again.  No, it wasn't another scathing article about his poor leadership style or abusive tendencies.  It wasn't an obituary or evidence that he had found a high ranking position working for the government...  No, indeed.  It seems our old buddy the colonel is now looking for a woman.  He's listed on a dating site for people over 50.

I called it months ago when I determined that things would be tough for this man's family.  I privately figured his wife would have finally had enough of him and dumped his ass.  Evidently, I was right.  Either that, or he's rather boldly cheating on her.  I'm guessing that they split up, though.

The photo of the colonel is appealing enough.  If I didn't think he was such a contemptible bastard, I would even think he was attractive.  He looked very patriotic and nice in his blue suit and red tie.  He's let his hair grow out.  His profile is a bit dry and dull, but he looks like a solid prospect.  He makes a good living and is clean and neat.  But woe be unto any woman that gets involved with him because he has no respect for them...  Apparently, a woman is useful only as a way for him to stroke his ego or satisfy his libido.  He doesn't want to work with them or for them and he doesn't respect them as equals.

Of course, he doesn't respect men, either.  He abused anyone who worked for him.  He ridiculed them for whatever flaws he perceived in them... everything from being heavyset to balding to having a "nasty artistic streak".  He ridiculed my husband for being sensitive and artistic, basically implying that he wasn't manly enough.  I find that an ironic observation, coming from a man who constantly has to belittle others in order to build himself up.  When he was last in Iraq, this man had his drivers go through a colleague's trash can, looking for evidence that he was eating sweets.  Then, during staff meetings, he would publicize the guy's food transgressions.  He thought it was hilarious.  I'm sure everyone else felt compelled to agree or risk facing his wrath.

Anyway, I hope any woman who find's the colonel's photo and profile intriguing will take the time to Google him.  Despite this man's professional successes, he truly is a loser.

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