Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A run-in with Michael Crook, Misanthrope...

So today, I was hanging out on the Recovery from Mormonism site and there was an interesting thread about Michael Crook, a soon to be ex Mormon.  Someone had posted what appeared to be a press release about Crook's impending excommunication.  A lively thread commenced and it soon became clear that Crook wrote the "press release" and was sock puppeting inflammatory remarks to get other posters wound up.  Seems to me that if he'd just posted about his situation, he might have had a very different reaction than what he ultimately got.  But I have a feeling Crook likes it when people get pissed at him.  Like his name implies, he's a bit of a thief.  To my knowledge, he doesn't steal money or property, but space in peoples' heads...

To be honest, I don't give a shit about Crook's excommunication.  I wouldn't blame the LDS church for wanting to disassociate with him, even if he's the most faithful tithe payer alive.  My beef with Crook stems from back in 2005, when he was making news for a hateful Web site he owned called ForsakeOurTroops. The site is now offline, but it was basically about how Crook thinks people in the military are being overpaid.  Crook's views were so vile that he actually appeared on FoxNews's Hannity & Colmes.  In fairness to Crook, neither Hannity nor Colmes really gave him much of a chance to defend himself.  However, given some of the things Crook was saying about military folks, I guess I can't blame them too much for that.

My husband happens to be a service member, so when this was going on, he was watching intently.  And he visited Crook's former Web site and read all about Crook's views on a whole host of topics.  It became pretty clear that Crook was simply interested in getting attention and perhaps a few bucks.

After Crook disrupted things on RfM, I decided to do some more checking around and I ran across this video which you will have to watch on YouTube.

In this video, Michael Crook claims that he doesn't believe there is such a thing as rape.  It was definitely interesting viewing... and I can see that it prompted a number of angry video responses.  These are just three examples of the highest rated Crook responses of several I found.

I'm not angry at Michael Crook.  I have no hatred for him. I don't care enough about him to hate him.  I'm mostly amused by his antics and the lengths he will go to piss people off.  And I'm not sure if he does it for entertainment, or if he really believes the crazy things he writes on his Web site and says on YouTube.  It seems to me that he just wants the world to acknowledge him, like a petulant, pathetic child who craves attention... any attention at all.  And if it leads to a little extra cash coming his way, so much the better.

You will notice, though, that I didn't link to his site.

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