Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MacGregor is fine and dandy, I guess...

The vet who did MacGregor's surgery was not the one who recommended having the lipomas removed.  He ended up deciding not to remove his lipomas because MacGregor was apparently reacting under the anesthesia.  So in all, MacGregor got his teeth cleaned and a nasty growth on the back of his neck removed.  The vet said the growth was suspicious.  I suppose I should have paid $150 to have it checked out, but MacGregor is already at least nine years old and most skin cancers are cured by removal.  And even if he does have cancer, it's not like we haven't dealt with it before...

MacGregor is doing fine, though.  Woke up this morning very perky and cute, ready for his breakfast.  I'm always grateful for every day I have him in my life.  He and Zane are definitely very bright spots in my life.



  1. Good to hear MacGregor is recovering well, Knotty! Hopefully he won't need another vet visit in a while. :oD

    My roommate adopted another dog yesterday. We were expecting a mellow 12 yrs old labrador, but got an energetic 8 yrs old lab/border collie mix instead. :oP He looks like a lot of work, and Georgie is resenting not being the only dog anymore. O well. :o)

  2. Thanks for the nice comment, Smorg!

    Your new dog sounds like a lot of fun! I bet he's grateful to have a new home! Our Zane helps keep MacGregor from succumbing to arthritis by goading him to exercise. They are best buddies. I bet your dogs will be buddies soon, too!


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