Friday, March 9, 2012

I shouldn't be in pictures...

You know that old song, "I Oughta Be In Pictures"?  Well, in my case, the song should be rewritten to "I Shouldn't Be In Pictures".  I generally hate to see pictures of myself unless they've been taken by a photographer or I've done it on my iMac.  I just don't tend to photograph very well.

When my husband and I were on our last vacation, there was a couple that took pictures of us and then sent them to us afterwards.  I still haven't looked at them, mainly because by the time they had arrived in my inbox, I had already seen some pictures of myself from that trip and was feeling "icky" about them.  Maybe that's narcissism at work on my part.  Because pictures are just reflections of what the world sees.

Much to my surprise, I got an email today from the same couple who sent us pictures.  They've made a DVD and put it on YouTube, only at an unlisted address.  They offered to let me see it and I gracefully declined, explaining that my husband and I both cringe when we see ourselves on film.  I hope that wasn't offensive.  I don't mind if other people see it.  I just don't want to see it myself.

Also, they put restrictions on who could see the video.  Told me they were very private and didn't want the video disseminated on the Internet.  That's fine with me.  These are the same people who wanted to take a picture of me in my bathing suit.  I said no and was surprised it wasn't obvious why I said no.  What am I going to do with a picture of myself in a bathing suit?  Put it on the refrigerator?

Come to think of it... maybe that would be wise.

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