Monday, March 12, 2012

Another move on the horizon?

I sure hope not.  Life as an Army wife can really suck sometimes.  On April 1, we will have been in our current location for exactly one year.  Yesterday, my husband broke the news to me that he should be finding out what his fate will be in terms of his last job for the Army.  He has about two and a half years left before it's time to retire and he will have been in his current assignment for three years in September.  That would ordinarily mean that he'd be reassigned to something else.  But again, we just moved here... and we were only in our last location for about 18 months.  And before that, we got barely two years in Germany.

I really would rather not have to move again because it costs us money every time.  The house we live in is inexpensive and we're just now getting in a place where we can save money.  When we were in Germany, I had almost paid off my credit cards entirely, but then we had to move and I ended up buying us a new bedroom suit because I didn't want to sleep on the floor for a month.  We actually really needed the new bed, but I would have liked to have postponed that purchase.

I know, I know... our needs come after the Army's needs.  It's a good thing I'm not a dedicated careerist, though.  Even if I'd wanted to work full time, it would be hard to do so with all these moves!

Adding to that drama is my worry about MacGregor, who's getting old and lumpy and decrepit.

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