Friday, February 24, 2012

There's nothing like canine projectile vomit in the middle of the night...

Not long ago, I wrote about my dear old hound, MacGregor, who has been suffering from stiffness.  So today, I'm going to write about Zane, our hilarious younger beagle.  I love this dog for his goofy personality, playfulness, and upbeat demeanor.  Zane is also a gorgeous dog.  His original owner bought him at Petland, then realized she couldn't take care of him.  She gave him up to a beagle rescue and that's when my husband and I came into his life.  We brought Zane into our little family after my beloved beagle, Flea, died of prostate cancer.

Zane usually sleeps burrowed under the covers and often ends up tucking himself in between my husband and me.  He actually looks like a little kid in bed between his parents, with the covers pulled up over his little body.

This morning at about two AM, I was jarred out of a dream by the sound of a dog retching.  Normally it's MacGregor who pukes.  He gets a little acid reflux in the morning and ends up hurling.  He's done it so many times that he's kind of trained where to go.  He usually jumps off the bed and goes to the corner off the rug.

Unfortunately, Zane doesn't have this bit of training yet.  He very suddenly hurled on the sheets between us before we could get him off the bed.  I hastily cleaned up what I could and covered the spot with a washcloth while my husband took the dogs out for a whiz.

It took awhile to get back to sleep and then once I woke up, I saw the spot and felt compelled to wash the sheets for the second time in the past couple of days.  Not the best start of a Friday morning...

It's a good thing he's so cute.  He also forces me to exercise.  It's hard not to play with him when he gets in the mood.

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