Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tennis ball therapy

This morning, I woke up with intense pain in my right shoulder.  Turns out I slept on it wrong and had a mother of a muscle spasm.  I was in agony, so off I went to the Internet to look for advice.  I found a couple of articles that referenced "tennis ball therapy".

My husband and I are not tennis players.  However, we were fortunate enough to find a doggie tennis ball at our old house.  I gave it to our younger dog to play with and he never destroyed it.  It was perfect for what I wanted it for.

Slowly, painfully, I lowered myself to the floor.  I got my husband to help position the tennis ball in the right spot.  Slowly, painfully, I laid down on the ball.  It hurt, but I was determined to give this cure a try.  I was still for a few minutes and felt the ball pressing into the tight spot.  My right hand felt cool, as if the blood circulation was being slowed. Then the knot felt a little looser as I pressed harder.  Slowly, I sat up.

The knot isn't totally gone.  There's still a sharp ache there, but now I can move without too much agonizing pain.  I feel a little queasy, though.  Maybe something toxic has flowed into my bloodstream?

Who would have thought a tennis ball could provide such relief?


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