Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poor little MacGregor...

This is my sweet old dog, MacGregor.  We've had him since April 2004 and it's been a joy to have him in our lives.  MacGregor is what some folks call a "bagel".  He's beagle and basset hound.  Looks wise, he's more beagle, but attitude wise, he's very basset-y.  He loves to talk to us, especially when it's dinner time.

For the past few days, ol' MacGregor has been very stiff.  We already know he's got a touch of arthritis.  The last few days, he's been worse.  He hasn't been able to jump up on the bed and walking is harder for him.  I'm hoping this is a temporary situation because he's such a special part of our lives.

I guess one good sign is that MacGregor still has a healthy appetite for food and is drinking, pooping, and peeing.  He just doesn't want to jump or put weight on his legs.  Last night, my husband came home.  MacGregor usually greets him by getting on his hind legs and putting his paws on him.  He wasn't able to do that last night and it was heartbreaking.

So if you have any good vibes to spare for MacGregor, please send 'em our way.  He's a great dog and we love him very much.  He helps keep me from getting too cranky.

Update: As of this afternoon, MacGregor is doing better.  He even jumped up on the bed after some encouragement from me.  I think he just had a bad reaction to the glucosamine-chondroitin supplement I gave him.


  1. MacGregor is due for a massage! :) I hope he is feeling better today. My roommie's dog, Georgie, is 14 yrs old and pretty stiff, too. He's got the stiff hip walk going, and would sometimes wipe out (his hind legs just give from under him) when he forgets his senior status and tries to change direction too quickly.

    He still asks to go on a walk everyday, tho (I only walk him to the street corner and back now instead of around the block). Too bad we live on the other side of the continent! I bet Georgie would love hanging out with MacGregor (he doesn't like hanging around jumpy young pups much anymore)! :)

  2. Hi Smorg! MacGregor seems better this morning. He even managed to get off the bed by himself. Last night, he hesitated getting up on it, but my husband and I encouraged him and he finally did it without our help. The funny thing is Zane, our other dog, jumped off the bed and barked encouragement too. Zane is still young and agile and thinks everything is a game.

    Most of the time, MacGregor still pretty spry, but his right shoulder is really stiff and arthritic. He's starting to get stiff in his hind end. He's only about 8 or 9 years old, though. I hate seeing him have trouble moving. Georgie sounds like delightful company, as so many dogs are!


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