Friday, February 10, 2012

The new Oikos commercial...

Like a lot of folks, I grew up watching John Stamos on TV.  He was on General Hospital, Full House, and even ER.  Okay, so I can't really say I actually grew up watching John on TV.  It's true I was a big ER fan, though by the time Stamos was on it, I had quit watching.  And I didn't see Full House until it was in syndication and by that time, I was an adult.  And when it comes to soap operas, I was strictly a Guiding Light lover, and even then, I eventually quit watching when I got a job.  Those days seem so long ago today.

Anyway, John Stamos is now pitching Oikos Greek style yogurt.  It's supposedly very yummy stuff, so much so that the handsome and playful Stamos uses it to tease the woman who plays his love interest.  She finally headbutts him and knocks him off his chair.  He's not hurt, of course.  He pops up looking kind of puppy-like, then shies away from his menacing girlfriend who is now eating her yogurt in peace.

Far be it for me to condone teases.  Clearly John wasn't playing nice when he dangled the yogurt in front of her face and then jerked the spoon away.  I'm not a fan of yogurt myself, unless it's in a dollop of tzatziki, so this would not have worked on me.  But I don't blame the lady in the commercial for being annoyed.  Teasing is not nice.

I do, however, wonder what would have happened if the roles had been reversed and John was the one being teased.  Imagine it.  She keeps tempting him with a spoon full of yummy blueberry laced yogurt, then pulling the spoon away when he tries to eat it, a la Lucy Van Pelt.

So in frustration, he headbutts her and knocks her off her chair.  Is there any way in the world that people would accept that politically incorrect reaction as okay?  It's not right to be violent to women, even in jest.  Why is it cute when a woman is violent toward a man?  Why is it funny?

I will say that I do think John Stamos looks adorable when he looks at the woman hopefully, then slinks away.  Clearly, she didn't hurt him.  Or did she?  He didn't reach up and grab the spoon back, did he?  I guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship.  So much for Greek machismo.

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