Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Just got back from another trip...

My husband and I just went off to Hilton Head, South Carolina for a few days.  We wanted to get away from our little town and recharge.  Hilton Head is a good place to do that.  We spent three nights in a beautiful hotel and wandered around the big resort where we stayed.  The weather was somewhat agreeable.  We did get some rain, but the sun peeked out a few times, too.

While I don't know that I had the best time in Hilton Head, I will say that we loved the hotel we stayed in.  It was one of the nicest, most luxurious properties I've ever had the pleasure of booking.  Sadly, I didn't see anyone in a kilt.  I was halfway expecting to.  The place was staffed by a lot of Europeans!

I saw an old friend on my trip and we had lunch together.  Then we went shopping for LeCrueset cookware.  My husband and I got hooked on them a couple of years ago after we moved back to the States from Germany.  We also saw a couple of honest to God alligators.

Short trips are always great for recharging the batteries.  And now, I'll just wait for the next thing to blog about...

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