Sunday, February 26, 2012

Idiots who are fighting against Planned Parenthood...

Last night, I was hanging out on YouTube and ran across a very interesting video uploaded by a guy called LithodidMan.  I have watched a lot of LithodidMan's videos over the past few years.  He's a very intelligent, yet liberal guy who makes a living as an academic in Alaska.  I guess he has a hobby checking out YouTube videos and then commenting on them.  He found a completely ridiculous video slamming Planned Parenthood and had a high time commenting.  I watched LithodidMan's video last night and feel the need to re-post it, because I wholeheartedly agree with what he's saying.

If you have half an hour to spend and wonder what all the hullabaloo about Planned Parenthood is all about, you should watch this video.  It seems the pro-lifers think that Planned Parenthood is only about abortions and promoting homosexuality or other sexual orientations.  Planned Parenthood actually provides much needed services to thousands of women.  However, some folks seem to think this government funded organization is all about selling sex to kids.  Let's be real.  Sex is not something that needs to be "sold".  It sells itself.

In any case, LithodidMan makes the case pretty brilliantly in this video, so I'll let him do the talking.  I will warn that this video is full of profanity and some scenes that might not be suitable for young kids or uptight adults.

Here's a link to an updated version of the video that prompted LithodidMan's original post.

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