Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yea! Jillian Michaels is off The Doctors...

I know this is old news.  I don't even like The Doctors that much.  But when fitness guru Jillian Michaels was on for her brief stint, I found the show almost unbearable.  It looks like Wendy Walsh, the sexpot psychotherapist, is also gone.  I'm glad, because I found both of them intensely irritating.

I never got the sense Wendy Walsh was really all that into that show.  I don't remember her contributing that much.  By contrast, Jillian Michaels was all over the broadcast, dropping the F bomb (which personally doesn't offend me that much), and yelling at people who are too fat.  I think heavy people already suffer enough humiliation.  Yes, it's not healthy to be too heavy, but fat people are people too and they deserve more respect than Jillian Michaels gave them.  I found her abrasive and disrespectful.  I'm glad she's gone... except for the new ads she's on.

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