Tuesday, January 10, 2012

They call me...

LaQueefah?  Really?

I was introduced to this song by watching Dance Moms, a cringe-worthy reality show starring horror show dance teacher Abby Lee Miller and a gaggle of moms and daughters.  Once again, the trainwreck factor kicks in when it comes to me and this show.  I don't have kids, but if I did, I would not tolerate the way Abby talks to her clients and their moms.  I watch this show off and on, probably because I can't believe it's on TV.  Actually, today, I was looking for Desperate Housewives and instead got a Dance Moms marathon.  My fault, I know.  I should change the channel or, hey, do something more constructive than watching TV...

But you gotta admit...

This is pretty much beyond the pale.

I mean, what kind of mom lets her daughter dance to any song that has the word "queef" in it?  Or a song that even suggests queefing in an abstract way... And don't tell me that it's just a name.  If it was just a name, why not use Latifah?  Or some other name that rhymes?  Why go there with the q word?

I have a pretty off color sense of humor and I can handle a lot of crude stuff.  And words are neutral, but they all mean something.  Queefing is a vaginal expulsion of air, m'kay?

This is too crude for me.  If I had been that mom, I would have pulled the plug on it and refused to let my kid go on.  Surely Abby Lee Miller could have come up with another ethnic dancer without using a song with the world queef in it.  Eeewww.

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