Monday, January 16, 2012

An old fashioned sex shop...

Where I live, there's an "adult entertainment center".  It's pretty funny to pass it on our way to the grocery store.  It's in a big dilapidated building with a big yellow sign.  There's a cheap, somewhat opaque fence that stretches across the parking lot, I guess to allow patrons to park so their car won't be recognized.

I don't usually see people going in or out of the adult entertainment store, though it seems to be open every day.  This afternoon, however, my husband and I were on our way to the grocery store when we noticed the guy who had been driving in front of us walking toward the entrance of the store.  The guy was an older gent and apparently was embarrassed about his need for adult entertainment, because he was wearing  a big pair of dark sunglasses and was walking quickly toward the front door.  He had parked behind the fence.

I saw him open the door and quickly scuttle inside the dirty looking establishment.  I had to wonder if the guy had never heard of the Internet, where that kind of entertainment is easily scored in private.  This is a small, conservative, southern town, so I guess I understand the desire for privacy.  I wonder why the proprietor didn't have the door moved to the back of the store so it was private... or at least erect a privacy fence by the door.  But I guess that would take money, which I'm guessing the proprietor has less of because of the Internet.

One of these days, I'm gonna take a picture...  ETA: I took one yesterday!  I later found this place reviewed online.  Apparently, it's a hook up place for homosexuals, complete with glory holes.

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