Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No cussing allowed?

I just learned about a "no cussing" club started by McKay Hatch.  Hatch was in the news today because he took issue with an episode of Modern Family depicting a toddler swearing.  Hatch started his "no cussing" club as a 14 year old and apparently it's grown so much that he makes news when he complains about cussing.

With a name like McKay, I figured the kid had to be Mormon.  I was right.  He is.  And I am certain that his discomfort with swearing has a lot to do with his faith, which teaches that swearing is naughty, along with just about everything else that is fun, like sex.

McKay's club even has a catchy slogan... "You wanna hang with us?  Don't cuss!"  I wouldn't want to hang out with anyone who presumes to censor my language through peer pressure, but that's just me.

It could be said that one can have fun without swearing.  But I am not a big fan of burying language, even so-called "bad words".  Swear words are part of language and serve a purpose.  There is an appropriate time and place to use profanity and I do agree that it's important to teach people when it is and isn't generally appropriate to swear.  But bad words exist because PEOPLE make them bad.  The words are innocent.  It's the intention and context behind them that makes them good or bad.  What's more, sometimes there's great beauty in a good "fuck you".  Some people really need to hear those particular words.

I'm sure McKay gets lots of props for promoting clean language.  I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being one of those right wingers who tries to regulate what is appropriate for other people to say or hear.  And really, where does he get off?  If he doesn't want to cuss, fine... but don't try to censor other people.  If you don't like what's on TV or the radio, turn it off.

I wish the great George Carlin was around to talk about this...  But at least, for now, anyway, we still have YouTube...  I just think that people need to live and let live and devote their energies to things that really matter.  God knows a lot of people have plenty to cuss about.

As for me, for now, McKay, I'm gonna keep cussin' ...  m'kay?

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