Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Costa survivor speaks out on Cruise Critic...

I regularly hang out on Cruise Critic's message boards.  I am not a Costa cruiser; my three cruises have been on Royal Caribbean and SeaDream Yacht Club.  Nevertheless, I've been perusing the Costa boards with interest, mainly because I'm still shocked and oddly fascinated by this shipwreck.  One lady from Australia posted that she was on the Concordia.  Evidently, the whole rescue operation was a big cluster fuck.

They basically dumped passengers off at a hotel, which Costa paid for at least.  They haven't got anyone helping these folks, some of whom have lost everything.  I imagine the passengers will be okay, but what about the crew members?  Some of them really may be calling the ship home.

I will be interested to read how all this turns out.  The reports so far are alarming.  The captain abandoned ship before the passengers did.  The lifeboats were not used in a timely manner.  Crew members did not have an understanding of how serious the situation was.  Apparently, there was no real leadership... although I'm sure at some point, a hero will emerge.  That's usually how it goes in situations like this. 

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