Saturday, January 14, 2012

Costa ship runs aground... it's a gonna cost a lotta...

I was shocked this morning to hear about Costa's Concordia, a huge cruise liner than ran aground off the coast of Italy last night.  I was blown away by the photos on CNN of this massive ship lying on its side and streams of shellshocked people wandering around, wrapped in blankets.  I can't even imagine how terrified those people must have been when their vacations were suddenly ruined by a wayward sandbar.

Having just cruised a couple of months ago on a much smaller ship, it was hard to picture the chaotic scene the was being described in the news.  Most of the people onboard were from Europe, but there were over one hundred Americans onboard.  All told, there were over 3,000 passengers and 1,000 crew members, all of them trying to get off the ship before it sank.  I wonder if those people took the muster drill seriously...   If they didn't, I'm sure they will if they ever cruise again!

It will be interesting to see what comes of this shipwreck.  Good can come from any situation, even tragedies like this one.  But it's hard to imagine right now just what.  I imagine there will be lawsuits filed.  People will lose their jobs, either due to being fired or being laid off.  Some folks will be stranded for awhile.  The water will be polluted.  Money will be lost by Costa and its parent company, Carnival... and by passengers and insurance companies that have to pay claims, not to mention all the people who had cruises planned on Concordia and will now have their plans changed.

It looks like there was some incompetence going on, too...  Apparently, the lifeboats weren't deployed until it was too late for some of them to be released, thus delaying the rescue of many passengers.  I'll be watching the news for more information about this situation.  I'm sure it will prompt some procedural changes.  Again, that's one way good can come out of this... but overall, it's pretty much a suckworthy situation for a lot of people.

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