Friday, December 9, 2011

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away...

Exactly one month ago, the Duggars announced that they were going to have their 20th child.  Today, it was announced that Michelle Duggar has miscarried.  While I am sorry for the Duggars' loss, I can't help but recall their rationale for having so many children.  Michelle Duggar had her first miscarriage after her son Josh was born.  She was taking "the pill" and blamed it for the miscarriage.  She took it as a sign that God was telling her not to take birth control.

Over twenty years later, Michelle Duggar is still in the business of being pregnant, even though her last child was born very prematurely and Michelle is in her mid 40s.  The Duggars have a reality show and often speak of their children as gifts or blessings.  I wonder how a woman who can't get pregnant should take that.  God isn't blessing her because she can't conceive?

In any case, now that Michelle Duggar has miscarried despite not taking the pill, are we to assume that God is an Indian giver?  Yeah, I know... it's an offensive term.  But this situation is on many levels offensive.

Michelle Duggar has so many children already who need her.  She has a medically fragile daughter who is due to turn two Saturday and still needs oxygen.  Despite that, I won't be the least bit surprised if she tries again.  And once again, the state of Michelle Duggar's womb will be the stuff of national news.

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