Saturday, December 24, 2011

I suck at parties...

Last night, spouse and I went to a party thrown by his boss.  Honestly, when he mentioned this shindig to me, I got a nagging feeling that I should bow out.  But it's been awhile since I last socialized, so I agreed to go.  Things got off to a good enough start.  I dressed in black, except for the garnet and onyx necklace spouse gave me last year.

The boss's house was beautifully decorated.  The front yard was lit up with lights, and they had these toy little bears playing tinkly Christmas music on the front porch.  I couldn't see them as we approached, so the overall effect was cool and very festive.

So we went into the party and cracked open a couple of beers.  Started talking with the boss and one of his wife's friends.  Other people showed up, mostly from their neighborhood.  We weren't really mingling, so we headed for the food table.  After we ate a little, one of spouses's co-workers came over and started chatting.  Next thing I know, I start getting carried away... and when I get carried away, I end up saying stuff I shouldn't.  I'm a pretty cynical person and not very good at framing things with a positive spin.

Anyway... it wasn't as bad as it could be.  I only talked one person's ears off.  But it was her birthday.  *Sigh*

I'm just not any good at parties.  I am not good at small talk.  I tend to talk too much and share too much and be too honest.  I have a really inappropriate sense of humor.  Ah well... At least it's Christmas Eve.  That means the holidays will soon be over and things can get back to normal.  And at least I didn't get drunk...

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